Exemplary chat support service is crucial for a business to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. It is an integral part of a good customer experience. Having a live chat agent 24X7 means you don’t lose out on sales.

When it comes to live chat software, Olark’s name comes at the top. In its ten years of service, it has gained massive acceptance from the users. But, due to expensive plans that small businesses may not be able to afford, the alternatives come into the picture. In this blog, we will tell you cheaper yet advanced features based live chat software. So, let’s get started.

Here are the Best Olark Alternatives; Features, Pros & Cons

1. Intercom

The first and the best Olark alternative on our list is Intercom. It’s a Conversational Relationship Platform that allows you to chat with every customer personally. The best part of the platform is that it enables customers to build seamless communication with the clients using a personalized and message-based experience. Intercom chat support service is fast, so simple to use, and of course affordable pricing – $99/Month.

Key Features:

User event tracking
A.B testing
Conversation search
Issue resolution
Team assigning
Inbound email address
Real-time performance monitoring
Message tagging


  • Allows you to target different customers by tailoring messages.
  • The Intercom admin panel contains many customer attributes, like their location, browser, and even their social media profiles. So, when they sign up, you can check their details without having to ask.


  • The tagging is complicated.
  • I hope it is possible to use the API to send a message via Intercom.


2. Zronic

Among all the alternatives of the Olark, Zronic is probably the closest in terms of features and functionality. Just like Olark, you can take advantage of a ten days free trial period. The cloud-based versatile tool offers you standard live chat software features that help you achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The best thing about Zronic is its top-notch live chat widget option. Besides, it is affordable starting at $2.5.

Key Features:

  • Sends an offline form when agents are away from the desk
  • Analyze the stats to know the customers’ experience
  • The group chat feature allows to chat with the selected people effortlessly
  • A simultaneous live chat option is available
  • See everything about the lead in one place
  • Maintain metrics that matter to your business, like, team performance, response time, and customer satisfaction
  • Schedule appointments with visitors automatically
  • Offline contact form
  • Canned responses


  • It is premium live chat software that comes with an abundance of top-notch features available at affordable pricing.
  • Easy to integrate and effective in performance.
  • Zronic relatively offers everything at affordable pricing you need, like easy to set up, and a much better price than Olark.


  • Honestly, there is nothing to dislike about this software, but one thing that needs improvement is its UI/UX
  • CRM integration is missing


3. Live Chat

Live Chat, the next Olark Alternative, is backed by powerful features with an affordable price tag. This software interface is fully responsive, which means your customer can chat with you from any device. The tool’s design is intuitive and makes it easy to manage a seamless live chat experience to the customers. When you access this software, you will love everything about it. This platform is relatively easy to use and contains excellent integration with Zendesk’s ticket management. It is active and offers real-time data for better customer engagement.

Key Features:

  • Message sneak peek
  • Rich messages
  • File sharing
  • Chat tags
  • Chat transfer
  • Chat ratings
  • Chat buttons
  • Chat history


  • Customer typing will be visible to you before they send it to you
  • Search for an answer fast and reply to them quickly
  • Easy to use, and the perfect tool for your company.


We have nothing wrong to say about LiveChat. But, we wish managed options could be a little bit easier

4. Drift

Want to make your website a lively platform? If yes, then Drift is perfect for you. Through real one-on-one conversation, it makes purchasers shop from your platform easier. They can ask anything about the product effortlessly. When you integrate the Drift marketing platform to your website, it’s easier for you to generate more leads.

Both Olark and Drift are the best tools. But, when it comes to customer engagement and affordability, Drift is more suitable than Olark.

Key Features:

  • Help desk
  • Targeted messages
  • Knowledge base
  • Live Chat
  • Calendar for booking meetings
  • Sales video recording tools
  • Automation bots
  • Visitor tracking
  • Chat routing



  • Intrusive live chat software that comes with advanced features and ideal for SaaS and e-commerce businesses
  • Engaging with customers is easy, thanks to its rich features like intelligent personal assistance
  • They have lots of templates that you can use in an ongoing conversation
  • Drift playbook converts the quality visitor into leads



  • Some core functionalities, like reporting, analytics, and sales, don’t work effectively
  • The plans are not affordable for businesses with tight budget


5. Pure Chat

Pure Chat is also an all-in-one Live chat software that helps small and mid-sized companies in engaging customers. You can use this software to share information with visitors, offer real-time support, nurture leads, and provide an exceptional live chat support experience.

Are you looking for affordable live chat software for your website? If yes, then Pure Chat is the best live chat software solution for you. It is fully responsive and customizable. It supports multiple languages so that you can serve a diverse customer base.

Key Features of Pure Chat:

  • Proactive chats and triggers
  • Multi-chat management
  • Transcriptions
  • SSL security
  • Canned response
  • Hosted chat boxes
  • Visitor information


  • Knowing many exciting features exist in a free plan, you will be glad to signup for unlimited live Chat, users, full customization, all integration, and transcript.
  • Straight forward setup and quick to access
  • This software also shows you which page users are visiting so that you can pursue new leads


  • Accounts get deactivated if not being actively used


6. Userlike

Userlike is an advanced Live Chat Software that allows you to communicate with the customers from website and mobile. It is easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to scale. This live chat platform is ideal for both small and large businesses. It integrates with your existing business apps seamlessly. You can create your customized chat buttons, messages and proactively invite visitors to chat with you. It offers a 14 days free trial period to help you to examine the features.

Key Features of Userlike:

  • Canned responses
  • Automatically invite visitors to chat
  • Chate statistics
  • Open API
  • White label
  • Privacy options
  • Offline contact form
  • Upload your logo in the chat window
  • Third-party integration
  • Screen sharing


  • Compared to other Olark alternatives, the plans of this live Chat are cheaper
  • Log into a browser, and start chatting with the customers. It takes less than 10 minutes to install and run


  • Need more improvement in the interface.


7. Jivo Chat

The last Olark alternative we are going to review is Jivo Chat. This live chat software is incredibly useful in performance and backed with rich features. It works well on both smartphones and web browsers. The two most fantastic things about Jivo Chat are- real-time notification about when a user clicks on the chat button and a real-time map of all website visitors.

Key Features of Live Agent:

  • Real-time live chat support
  • Personalized messages
  • Agent queue monitoring
  • Chat routing
  • Pre-written message
  • Real-time agent coaching
  • Agent performance metric


  • This software is ideal for the company which has multiple points of contact for the customers


  • Its online ticket seems outdated

The best Olark alternatives comparison in one glance

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There are tons of live chat software available in the market. But, when it comes to picking up the Olark alternative, you need to research hard.

Just sign up for the one, and test it. In case you are seeking an affordable solution with modern live chat features, it is worth trying https://www.zronic.com/, which comes with a 10-day free trial. We are sure there is one Olark alternative for you somewhere, and you will find it very soon.

Have you used any Olark alternative? If yes, then comment on it right below.