Live Chat Software for WordPress Websites

Zronic – Feature-rich Live Chat Software seamlessly works on all types of WordPress themes, including the free and customized ones. However, the cloud-based solution integrates on all kinds of WordPress websites such as Solution and Services based, eCommerce, Job Board, Business Directories, Blogs, and SaaS Product websites in a few clicks.


WordPress website requirement for installation

Zronic live chat seamlessly work with all WordPress versions including the BETA ones. Our cloud-based tool is compatible with all the WordPress plugins and extensions. 

Enable live chat software on any WP website

Add WordPress website URL to the text field for which live chat software should work . Then, copy and paste the chat widget code to enable it on the website.

Widget is tailored to your needs

Advanced coding powers our chat widget that can be customized to match your website design and maintain a consistent look and feel.

Chat widget for multiple WP websites

Embed and manage a live chat widget on multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard while enabling agents boost sales for numerous websites. In other words, while configuring the Zronic live chat widget, add multiple websites separated with commas in a text field and instantly kick start chatting with visitors.

For example, in case you have two or more business WordPress websites as web hosting and eCommerce, you can integrate a widget on both websites and manage chats from a centralized location.

Invite and empower agents in a few clicks

Invite WordPress webmasters or support agents on the Zronic’s platform at fingertips. Follow these step-by-step processes to instantly onboard agents to interact and engage visitors on your website with ease. Operator dashboard gives you unrestricted access from creating to inviting agents and from scheduling work hours to configuring permissions on role based.

Additionally, empower an authorized person or lead to customize a live chat widget for our WP website. In other words, allow only a lead agent to customize the live chat widget while restricting other agents from accessing it.

Built-in ticketing system

We ensure the fastest resolution to all our customers with our built-in ticketing system. Signing up and installing a chat widget on your WordPress websites, you can feel free to contact our customer support for any queries.

Support multiple language

WordPress is widely used CMS by different nations; therefore, we offer Zronic tool in the following languages – English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Greek, Swedish.

Support all WP websites, including WooCommerce

Our versatile live chat solution integrates and supports all types of WP websites. Irrespective of business type, our feature-rich platform works seamlessly on large websites.

Mobile App and Whats App integration

You can engage with your visitors from the native mobile or web app. Never lose a single opportunity when the agents are away; hence you can use whats app or native mobile apps.

Create departments

Does your website have Sales, Marketing, Retail, and other departments? So, create departments for varied departments to route chats to the relevant team for greater efficiency and customer experience.

Send feedback survey

As soon as the chat ends, send a customer feedback form to capture how satisfied the visitors or customers are with customer support.

Chat transcript

Zronic automatically creates chat transcript for every chat session between and agent and customer, which can be sent to customers email by the customer after the end of the session.

Transfer chats

Transfer chat to a right operator in one click. To do so, select the most proficient operator from the list and transfer the discussions to deliver what the visitor has been anticipating; this ends up with a happy customer.