How to install live chat on a website

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Following this guide, you can install the Zronic live chat widget within 10 mins and thereafter start engaging the audience.

Step 1

Subsequent to sign-up, login into your account

Step 2

From the left side menu, select widget items from the components dropdown.

Step 3

Select a live widget from the list of available widgets

Step 4

Add the URL in the Widget Whitelist (Cross-Domain) file and make sure to remove the black slash from the URL.  To use the widget on multiple websites, you can add more than one URL in the following format For example –,


Step 5

Clicking on the widget, you will be directed to edit the chat widget page. And in the above fold, you will find a snippet of code that has to be placed in the source code of your website before the </body> tag.


Step 6

Save the file on your server and get started engaging the audience.


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