Engage conversation to close conversions with cost-effective Live-Chat tool at $2.5

Chat tools

  • Chat widget for multiple sites
  • Canned responses
  • File sharing
  • Offline form
  • Push notifications
  • URL blacklists
  • IPs blocking
  • Auto proactive messages
  • Multi-languages
  • Set working hours
  • Chat transfer
  • Group chat
  • Private notes
  • Search and favorite messages
  • Chat history analysis
  • Departments
  • Contacts history
  • Role-based permissions
  • Intuitive operator’s panel

Customer engagement

  • Chat transfer
  • Chatbots
  • Chat transcript
  • Whats app
  • Customer service rating
  • Chat buttons
  • Real-time customer typing-view
  • Twilio/Plivo or Nexmo Text Message 
  • Agent profiles personalization
  • Built-in ticketing support

Insightful reporting

  • Online visitors
  • Average response time 
  • Customer rating
  • Agents’ performance
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Logs report
  • Operators’ communication
  • Top 10 countries visits
  • Buttons statistics
  • Downlodable reports

Chat tools

Customizable widget

Configure chat widget with twenty plus configurable options and connect chat with ease. Answer pre-sales questions in real-time to engage customer when they need the most. With the user-friendly customizable features, create a stunning chat widget to connect with audience and guide them in the right directions.

Canned responses

Expedite resolution with automated canned responses. Create infinite canned responses with a few clicks to automate replies to common queries. Focus on more important tasks.

Private notes to be on the same page

Make a note of key information during live chat with customers for team members to review later in order to avoid communication gap.

Set working hours

Set business hours and staff shift timing from admin panel with ease. Ensure no interruptions and conflicts in chat support round the clock by setting each agent work timing for a whole week including break time.

Auto Proactive Chat

Invite visitors for a one-on-one interaction based on the behavior metrics. For instance, automate messages to invite a visitor if a considerable amount of pages visited and time spent on website.

URL blacklist

In one go, add a list of URLs to block chat widget from showing. This feature gives you complete control over what URLs or departments to show chat widget. 

Multi languages

No matter what language your agents support just select your language preferences and your tool is ready to offer support to specific regional audience.

Advanced and Intuitive operator panel

Add and manage operators in a few clicks doesn’t require technical skills. The tool is fully equipped with 25 permission level to have complete control and manage operators effortlessly.

Fully secured files sharing

Effortlessly manage and share files that are commonly used during a discussion like ebooks, datasheets, etc in a highly secured environment. A client can also share files with the agent if he/she allows.


Be instantly available when a client needs your attention with easy-to-configure reminders and notifications. Set text and email reminders in admin panel to ensure your agents never miss a potential prospect submits a query.

Search and favorite messages

As each bit of chat is saved, find specific phrases from a lengthy conversation using the search bar.  And you can tag that specific conversation as favorite for future reference while preparing sales follow-up campaigns.

Offline form

Do not miss clients when agents are unavailable with offline form that captures and saves the requirement at one location. This feature allows the next available agent to reply to the query and invite to the chat from the software itself.

Whats app

Whatsapp integration with our live chat offers super flexibility to agents while being offline to engage prospects on the go. Comprehensive functionalities of Zronic keeps the client stay engaged when they need the most attention. 

Customer Engagement

Chat Transfer

Instantly, agents can transfer chats within or between departments to other appropriate agents with just a few clicks enabling agents to maintain consistent user experience.

Chat bot

Integrated chat bots feature engages audience for common queries. Predetermined messages automatically trigger for set keywords.

Chat Transcript

Zronic creates a record of conversations between a website visitor and agent on the cloud. If the visitor wants a copy of chat, then he/she can send it to the desired email address at the end of the live chat conversation.

Cross-Chat Messaging App

Zronic is tightly integrated with Whats app maximizing visitors engagement for more conversions. The integration offers out-of-the-box flexibility for operators allowing to stay connected without being away from Zronic plaform.

Customer service rating

Customers can rate their experience and give feedback at the end of each chat session. Customer satisfaction (C-sat score) report keep you in the know the reasons for poor customer experience which will, in turn, help your agents to continuously improve experience.


Make breakthrough discoveries to improve engagement and sales with profound insights across all the metrics.

Location tracking

Get real-time geolocation of users and generate detailed report of users’ location. At a glance, learn about visits from top 10 locations, export the reports in XLS, CSV, PDF, and etc. These insights can be leveraged to run campaigns geo-specific prospects.

Average response time and rating

At a glance, get a synopsis of total support time contributed to deal cumulative clients and operator feedback in one pane. The insights can be generated by departments and exported into a desired format like image, spreadsheet, PDF etc.

Complete conversation history

Get a complete overview of overall bounce rate against total time spent performing customer chat. Auto-generated list view of all the clients in one dashboard enabling the admin to click and review any customer’s chat.

Agents Performance

Keep a tab on the individual operator’s performance with customer service rating reports enables team managers to take necessary steps to improve customer satisfaction rating before sales or support milestone gets out of hand.