How to improve customer experience in 5 days with Live Chat Solution

How to improve customer experience in 5 days with Live Chat Solution

Customer experience is the topmost priority of any business because it helps businesses to generate revenue and credibility in the market. As per the PWC report, “86% of customers would like to pay more for a product or service for a better experience”.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in B2B or B2C, a mid-sized company or enterprise, you will only achieve 100% customers’ satisfaction if you offer a seamless experience to them. There are so many tools and marketing strategies out there in the market to deliver superior customer experience. Among them, a live chat solution is by far the best way to boost the experience.

With the help of Live chat software integrated, businesses can transform their every interaction into a memorable experience and build a strong relationship with the potential prospect. One of the significant benefits of incorporating live chat in the market plan is that it enables you to deliver answers instantly, because of which more than 41% of customers expect live chat. Thus, integrating it improves the customer experience at a phenomenal rate.

When website visitors come seeking answers to pre-sales or technical concerns, etc., they have two choices- customer support number, live chat or jump to another site. There are two ways to engage the audience; the first one is implementing click-to-call following with click-to-chat feature, but a phone call support can be more expensive than live chat support for online businesses; However, lots of customers don’t make a call; they opt for live chat support, according to Forrester report. In research on the total economic impact of click to call and click to chat, the researchers spoke to customers who measured higher conversion rates for Click to Chat compared with Click to Call.

In conclusion from the study for most of the customers or visitors, if your site is integrated with live chat, you will see a gradual improvement in engagement rate while a reduction in high bounce rate in the stats.

For example –, being a prominent hosting service provider, uses live chat solution over the phone support to deal with pre-sales questions as this kind of approach empowers an agent to answer multiple queries at one time while reducing operational cost. Generally, customers seeking hosting services could have questions related to VPS, Email hosting, Shared hosting, etc., answering in real-time can convert visitors to customers instantly.

You can’t be there for the customers round the clock. Here the importance of live chat takes place. It supercharges agents to resolve customer’s queries and concerns, offer a personalized experience, and help them promptly. Within five days of implementation, you will see a remarkable improvement in customer experience.


Here is how to get better customer experience with live chat in five days?


1. With Live chat solution, offer real-time answers that boost the satisfaction rate.

Live chat is integrated on the website to reply to customers instantly. There is no doubt; potential customers are in the decision-making stage and want immediate answers. A sole purpose of using live chat is to answer their queries quickly since delayed response can damage your brand image and creates opportunities for competitors. That’s why live chat is the best way to stay in touch with the customers when they need your help.

Real-time answering is a significant way to achieve higher customers’ experience. When customers reach out to make sure you have a real agent who can resolve their queries in no less time. If you want to strengthen their trust in your brand, offer real-time support service to them. For example, when a customer faces any query, the next thing he will do is get in touch with the support service. If you respond to him immediately, it assures them there is someone in the company who is round the clock available of him. And that’s how you will build trust.

Hi John,

I understand your frustration.

I am readily available to help you and give the answer you need. If you can share your growing concerns with us, it provides the following information will be helpful for us to resolve your issue quickly.


This short and simple real-time answer doesn’t only reduce the frustration of the customer but also improves loyalty.

2. Offer offline form when live chat agents are away.

This feature allows agents to stay in touch with the customers when they are away from the system. When a customer submits his query, the agent gets the notification, in no fewer time logins via in-app messaging, resolving the query instantly—a significant purpose of integrating the live chat in the applications to offer instant support to the customers. Fast customer service can also make an annoyed customer happy.


3. Follow up with customer feedback to learn their level of satisfaction.

Your customers’ opinions and feedback are crucial to know where your live chat experience currently stands. It also provides a clear idea of how to improve the existing customers’ satisfaction strategies. But here is the thing; not all customers are willing to share their feedback. To get their opinions, you need a simple one-step based feedback form. Once the conversion ends, send this form that is radically easy to write and share.

4. Leverage customer feedback statistics to precisely learn the exact cause of poor customer experience.

Your most unhappy customers are a great source of learning. By analyzing the stats, you will know the things that cause bad customer experiences. When you read the feedback and track the statistics, you can customize the existing business strategy that will help you in delivering better customer experience.


5. Learn common concerns or questions your visitors have been asking using Chat History analysis

Live chat is the best application of AI that offers genuine concerns of the customers to the businesses so that they can analyze and work on their efforts. When you analyze the chat history, you will get the idea of why customers are not satisfied with your business.

6. Group Chats

As the name depicts, the group chat is meant to be chatting between the selected people in a group. Members can be team, clients, and visitors. This facility can be helpful in many ways, the capability to share files that everyone can access, feedback form, handle more than one visitor at a time and a few more. When we enter the group chat, we can see how many people have already been in the room, and we can join them to exchange information. The effective use of group chats lets you handle numbers of users who have the same queries at one time.

7. Simultaneous live chat could lead to more conversions

According to the New Times Best Selling Author Neil Patel, live chat boosts your conversion rate by 45%. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to convert your existing traffic. Many companies struggle when it comes to handling numbers of customers’ queries at the same time. Nobody likes waiting. On the phone, you can talk with the two customers at the same time. But with live chat, you can and so do talk to several people simultaneously. This facility doesn’t only improve customer experience but also increases the conversion rate.

Wrapping Up

Customers’ expectations are growing. From overnight shipping of the products to instant live chat support, they need everything promptly. Delays are not acceptable. Live chat software like allows an online business to provide instant support services to their customers on-site. It comes with crucial features like proactive popups, group chat, handle multiple chats, real-time visitor monitoring, and a few more. It just takes three steps to integrate on your site.

How to increase conversions rate with live chat software?

How to increase conversions rate with live chat software?

Live chat software can improve your site’s conversion rate by developing positive connections with your customers. The businesses which offer the live chat option have better sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. Most of the consumers prefer to buy from a company that offers a consistently engaging experience.

Before going into details, let’s have a short but concise introduction about this software.

Live chat software is a service that allows immediate customer support. It works as a messenger between you and your customer. It was first launched in 2002 and is currently developed and offered in a SaaS (software as a service) business model. I just hope that you have got a clue what these software solutions actually do.

For the long-term success of any business, this software really works. It not only helps to increase your web traffic but also increases the chances of selling. A website with positive reviews is itself a gem. These all can be achieved by good communication.

“Intelligence, knowledge or experience are important and might get you a job, but strong communication skills are what will get you promoted.”

 (Mireille Guiliano)

In this era of digitalization, customers anticipate getting relevant information at earliest in an effort to make the right decisions.

Recent research on live chat software concludes that customers appreciate quick and accessible support ((McLean & Osei-Frimpong, 2017). Live chat software 2020 statistics demonstrated that live chat is one of the most satisfactory customer support ( Many of the companies and online businesses are using this software to enhance their customers’ responses. Some industries are mentioned below which are using this software in their daily operations to get benefits.

. Shopping

. Travel and hospitality

. Education

. Medical professionals

. Real estate

. IT solution providers

. Airlines

. Web hosting companies and many more

Reasons to choose this software for your websites are given below:

·         It provides real-time customer support.

·         It monitors all the activities of visitors.

·         It calculates customer satisfaction rate.

·         It tracks and records customer feedback.

These all are about customer care services but there are also some benefits which will help you to grow your website.

·         It increases sales.

·         It improves the market reach.

·         It increases customer loyalty towards the website.

·         It helps to discover all those problems which customers usually face.

·         It helps to generate more web traffic.

·         It helps to reduce support expense.

·         It helps to get competitive benefits.

But if you think that the only thing you will need is a software plugin to get traffic and the orders then we are sorry you are wrong. There are some remarkable features of the live chat software which helps to increase the engagement rate which results in more and more conversions.

Let’s have a look at all these remarkable features of live chat software which increase the conversions rate

Cloud-based live chat software which let the operators to respond remotely

The term cloud-based service is that service which is made available to the user on-demand via the internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. Companies typically utilize cloud-based software to increase the conversion rate without having the expensive infrastructure or the support staff. The response is provided remotely and instantly to generate traffic on a website.


Availability of the agent or the offline form approach

The purpose of live chat software is to provide immediate services to your customers. So for accompanying this service, availability of the agent is very necessary 24/7. But it is not so easy to arrange the agent in such a massive number at the start of business. This issue can be resolved to some extent by providing an online form when you are out of the office. In this form, customers may share their contact details or ask the questions.

Setting-up the chatbots

It is one of the most remarkable features of live chat. In this feature, a Chabot is set to deal with the visitors when you are offline. Setting up the chatbots can take the necessary information from the client like their contact number, email address etc. Chatbots are set to answer all the common questions but if chatbots don’t find any relevant answer for any of the particular question, chatbots solution captures the question and the client information for the agent to contact back. The benefit of this feature is to provide a consistent engagement to the visitors from your websites which ultimately increases the conversions rate. Chatbots are also able to record the feedback of the customers.

Integrate your live chat software with your email

Integration of email can also be helpful if you are unable to provide 24/7 customer care service. By using this approach, you can at least check the record of people who are visiting your website when you are out of the office. You can invite the visitors via email to the chat room when the agent is available to answer their queries. It help the website to increase the conversions rate.

Use of canned messages

Use of canned messages can save the time of both customer and the agent. It is the best way to give an instant response to the visitors. But these messages can only be used when it is necessary. Full time engagement with the client is one of the most important key factor to attract the client towards your services.


Create department feature is the best way to separate the chats and users into the logical support groups. Live chat software allows to create as many departments and the chat queues as you want for example you can create the separate departments for the support team and the sale managing team. By using this feature, chats filter and show in a particular department or a chat queue. It becomes very easy for a department to answer the relevant questions which ultimately increases the conversions rate.

Group chats

It is the most remarkable feature of live chat software which helps to grab the attention of the visitors after getting the expert reviews on their pre-sale queries. Experts with different level of experiences share their valuable ideas in response to a query. Any of the idea can hit the visitor and make him/her surely your customer. Different ideas with all the possible solutions towards a single query in a short period of time increase the conversion rate.

All the above-given discussion can be concluded as:

As we all know that it is not very easy to increase the conversions rate of your website but it is also not impossible.  All the remarkable features mentioned above can help you a lot to boost the conversions rate by using live chat software. When you will take advantage of this software, you will definitely feel the change in the conversions rate.